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FANMIX: Brave As a Noun [Hannibal | Will Graham]

Medium: Television.
Fandom: Hannibal.
Subject: Will Graham and his special boy brain.
Title: Brave as a Noun.
Warnings: The usual in regards to my musical tastes. And as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: This mix was really weird for me because usually I try to use genres the character would actually enjoy, but I can never shake the headcanon that will just listens to bland gushy mom music. So this is more genres that remind me of Will, since I couldn't bring myself to put Coldplay on here.

things got bad and things got worse
half like a blessing, half like a curse
seems a blessing's so hard to see sometimes
got a little clearer 'bout dusk last night

ain't nobody got a blessing like mine

KEVIN DEVINE; wolf's mouth
i got a wolf's mouth
and it suits me
i chew the sides out
with my sharp teeth
i cut my tongue off
i make my gums bleed
i scare the people
who pay to see me
when i sing

MIKE DOUGHTY; rational man
don't give me your claptrap
don't give me your stinking words
you make me feel like a fat sap
hapless, in a dirty shirt

but i'm a rational man
a rational man
a rational man

NATIONAL; mistaken for strangers
you have to do it running
but you do everything that they ask you to
'cause you don't mind seeing yourself in a picture
as long as you look faraway, as long as you look removed

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS; lovecraft in brooklyn
when the sun goes down on the armies of the voiceless
several hundred-thousand strong
come without their bandages
their voices raised in song

when the street lights sputter out
they make this awful sizzling sound
i cast my gaze towards the pavement
too many blood stains on the ground

ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD; brave as a noun
i'm afraid to leave the house
i'm as timid as a mouse
i'm afraid if I go out i'll outwear my welcome
i'm not a courageous man
i don't have any big, lasting plans
i'm too cowardly to take a stand
i want to keep my nose clean

and it's sad to know that we're not alone in this
and it's sad to know there's no honest way out

i broke my promise on a very sharp rock
and i was possessed by something quite unfriendly
and i was haunted by a demon in my sleep
and that’s how i learned how to survive

and i gave a beer to a bum that was drinking
and i gave some sauce to my bestest friend for cooking
and i gave water to all who i thought were thirsty
that's how i learned how to survive

so i will run and run
maybe drive my car, maybe
look at me now, i have come so far
and i don't know where my family's from
but i've got this stereotypical temper
i cannot shake

relax the muscles in my face
and all of a sudden i am scared
all of a sudden i can't breathe
all of a sudden i am nothing
in this moment
you are everything

oh, man, and things have changed
in the snow filled lakes where there used to be waves
i feel deranged
they're building beaches inside so it's sunny all may
i don't know, i think it's strange
'cause i know we met before but i cannot place it
i don't know if there's any real danger
but I'm alright if you're alright
i'm alright if you're alright...

BRIAN ENO; an ending (ascent)
( instrumental )


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