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FANMIX: Like in the Movies [Original | Nate/Coat]

Medium: Who even knows.
Fandom: Original bullshit.
Subject: A totally relatable playlist about being in love with your best friend, even if your best friend is dating someone, and that someone happens to literally be their fated lover, and also haunted.
Title: Like in the Movies.
Warnings: No one cares about original bullshit yeah okay I know shut the hell up, it's my anniversary week. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: The first half is from Nate's pov, the second is from Coat's and also sort of a little bit later, and therefore will moooostly only make sense to Archie, especially with the later songs. Whatever, that was sorta the point. Credit for the cover assets go to Amiki222, Hibbary, and me.

KILLERS; when you were young
you sit there in your heartache
waiting on some beautiful boy to
to save you from your old ways
you play forgiveness
watch him now, here he comes

he doesn't look a thing like jesus
but he talks like a gentleman
like you imagined when you were young
(talks like a gentleman)
(like you imagined when)
when you were young

KRIS ALLEN; alright with me
i'm a little pawn still in your game
and you ignore my advances
i turn my head and i look away
but i can't control my eyes around you

oh, you're on the run and i'm chasing you
it feels like war with all your glances
i'm just a boy without a clue
and i can't control following you

THE HUSH SOUND; love you much better
you are the day dream in my eyes
there whenever i wake up
but the colors never crystallized
and i never get enough

why do you kiss everybody but me
i just sit back and watch
oh but one day soon I'm gonna grab you by the collar
and kiss you all i want

DAN WILSON; breathless
your voice is echoing again
through catacombs inside my mind
and i've been dreaming of revenge
to make you love me more than even you can try

all words converge to where you are
and if i follow i would surely find
the horse is gone, the fire's still warm
and you've moved on an hour before
you like to keep me just one step behind

PLUSHGUN; kick me out
we're in the halls we're feeling guilty
but when it's night, you feel alright and want to show me
it's okay, it's okay, we can make it through the day
hit the light, hold me tight
it's gonna, it's gonna go away

into confessional, my friend
so we'll be innocent again
kick me out and let me in
we'll be better off in the end

OUR LADY PEACE; don't stop
i’ve been hiding here
i’ve been lying here
watching life pass by
i want you to know
i want you to know
i’d die for you
i’d die for you

i felt this earth spin and crash
the end of the world shouldn’t come so fast

don’t stop sucking me in
making me come back to you
no one will ever compare
will ever be better than you

THE FORMAT; let's make this moment a crime
its been a minute, a second
i'll wait for you to come around
but i know, i know, you're taking time
maybe it's just too late (i've got to get away)
when everything feels the same (i've gotta get away)
maybe it's just too late (i've gotta get away)

on and on and on you wait
and oh the days they fade away
and oh the nights they've never felt the same
if i was wrong then i was wrong, and on and on and on and on
the things we do are never going to change

GOYTE; heart's a mess
you've lost (too much love)
to fear, doubt, and distrust (not enough)
you just threw away the key (to your heart)
you don't get burned ('cause nothing gets through)
it makes it easier (easier on you)
that much more difficult for me
to make you see

love ain't fair
so there you are, my love

SUFJAN STEVENS; for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti
if there's anything to say
if there's anything to do
if there's any other way
i'd do anything for you

i was dressed in embarrassment
i was dressed in white
if you had a part of me
will you take your time
even if i come back
even if i die
is there some idea
to replace my life

NADA SURF; la pour ça
think of me
the next time that
you hear the rumbling
whisper of the waves
and if they say that you
only ever hurt me
don't listen to them
i'm here for that

ANBERLIN; there is a light that never goes out
take me out tonight
take me anywhere, i don't care
i don't care, i don't care
and in the darkened underpass
i thought oh god, my time has come at last
but then a strange fear gripped me
and i just couldn't ask

take me out tonight
oh take me anywhere, i don't care
i don't care, i don't care
driving in your car
i never never want to go home
because i haven't got one
no, i haven't got one

TWO TONGUES; interlude
and they meet
late on a saturday
in the grip
of winter's chapped lips
one's blind
to all he has inside
and one's sure
he knows what life's got in store
and when the stars
and drunks have left the bar
he says we've just met
but i've seen you around
can we share a car
back to my place with movies made about outer space
and so it seems they're off to share their wasted dreams

MIDTOWN; your love
i ain't got many friends left to talk to
nowhere to run when im in trouble
you know I'd do anything for you
stay the night we'll keep it under cover

i just wanna use your love tonight
i don't wanna lose your love tonight

JOHN BUTLER TRIO; close to you
i got to get away man this moment it wont last, last, last
i got a chained up brumby in my head and it's kicking my ass
i'm roaming like a dog yeah
looking for my bone, bone, bone

i gotta hijack my body just to make it my own, my own, my own, my own
because im jacked up, sucked up, cut down
thrown around, discarded like a cigarette butt
i'm just a no good excuse for a man yes you know
i've got to pick myself up outta this rut
but I want to be close to you, i want to be close to you, you
i want to be close to you, i want to be close to you, you

FRONT BOTTOMS; everything i own
god forbid i ever stop feeling sorry for myself for being selfish
this is not the way i plan on living for the rest of my life
but for right now, it gets me by, it gets me by

it's reached the point in the night where i need to decide
whether i'm gonna fall asleep or watch the sunrise
we're both into letting this develop
but the sound of starting over always sounded much better
but i won't stop this, and you won't stop this
it'll probably go further than either of us wants it
it all comes down to the fact that i don't care to
sacrifice a good time 'cause someone says i have to
next thing i know, i am removing all my clothes
and you are dancing around the room to some song on the radio
you say I deserve it, what's coming, the good and the bad
i don't regret it, how could it? you were the best i ever had
i ever had, i ever had, i ever had, I ever

GASLIGHT ANTHEM; casanova, baby!
i still wanna be your man,
i'm still these nervous feet and heart of stone
forget this dead man's town
i'll take you home

do you hear me late at night always pickin' at the pieces
sometimes nothing comes out right, and nothing is relieving
and every soul man's song is a night i'd like to spend with you
twisting the night away

NATIONAL; guest room
we can't stay here
we're starting to stay the same
we can't stay here
we can't stay this way

just tie your woman to your wrist
give her room to tie the other

they'll find us here
here, here in the guest room
where we throw money at each other and cry
oh, my

ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD; love will fuck us apart
you and me
go together like carrots and peas
we should be a happy family
or a traveling travesty, at least

and love
will fuck us up
love will fuck us up

A WEATHER; screw up your courage
you could bring
me juice, or
saltines when
i'm under
the weather, and
over you

all our songs
in unison
(here's where you bled, and here's where i did)
get your courage
to sick in place
(fight off the doubt that sings like silence)

there's a log on the fire
and it burns like me for you
tomorrow comes with one desire
to take me away

when will i know that i really can't go
to the well once more - time to decide on.
well it's killing me, when will i really see, all that i need to look inside
come to believe that i better not leave before i get my chance to ride
well it's killing me, what do i really need - all that i need to look inside
hey oh... listen what i say oh (you know i've got to go)
come back and hey oh, look at what i say oh (lord i wish it wasn't so)

MOUNTAIN GOATS; love love love
some things you'll do for money
some you'll do for fun
but the things you do for love are gonna come back
one by one

love, love is gonna lead you be the hand
into a white and soundless place

PLACEBO; hk farewell
( instrumental )