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FANMIX: Verses Versus Verses [Misc | Mashups]

Medium: N/A.
Fandom: Genre.
Subject: Mashups.
Title: Verses Versus Verses (3VS).
Warnings: Nope.
Notes: There's not really much point in doing the usual lyrics guide, and I managed to try transcribing all the artists included for all of about ten minutes before the sheer scope of such a task crushed me. So this is just a track listening! Most of these mixers have homepages you can sniff around if you're dying to know which songs are stitched together outta what!

ISOSINE; intro (no power)

MILKMAN; love struck

TITUS JONES; c'mon girl, let's party 'til the end

DJ LOBSTERDUST; maybe we found love (so call me)

GO PERISCOPE; lean, kick, scream

MILKMAN; silhouette

AEYELAEYEN; the take over (we're gonna die young)

MASHUPGERMANY; every teardrop has a superbass

DJ EARWORM; love and wonder (club edit)


FOAX; i need a doctor VS flare

DJ LOBSTERDUST; somebody to praise

NORWEGIAN RECYCLING; just like a ghost