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FANMIX: Path of Pins [The Path | The Red Girls]

Medium: Video Games.
Fandom: The Path.
Subject: The red girls.
Title: Path of Pins.
Warnings: Major warning for rape, since that's a major theme of both the original fairy tale and this interpretation. If you want to listen and just skip those, they're #4 (by Current 93, explicit lyrical mention) and #9 (by String Quartet, instrumental track but the title is about assault). Also, the last track is one of the OST tracks that I thought was just really essential, but since it's a very faithful retelling of the original fairy tale, it gets real creepy real fast. Other than that, I guess just a warning for general unsettling... ness?? I feel like I should have a warning anytime I use Nox Arcana. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: Originally I was going to try and do a song for each of the girls, but then I realized that everything I had gathered already was really more geared towards a collective mix about what they share. So this is mostly atmospheric and just "songs that remind me of the cast of The Path", but I actually really like how the tone came out, so I figured why not share. Mostly instrumental, almost entirely creepy, this is my longsimmered mix for the red girls and their fates.

( instrumental )

ZOE KEATING; the path
( instrumental )

NOX ARCANA; deep in the woods
( instrumental )

CURRENT 93; hey oh the noddy oh
and bled and raped was i
and scared and cold was i
hey, ho, the noddy, oh
hey, ho, the noddy, oh
hey, ho, the noddy, oh
in fields of rape i lie

well, as you sow you reap
and as i sowed i reaped
hey, ho, the noddy, oh
hey, ho, the noody, oh
hey, ho, the noddy, oh
as i sowed i reaped

RASPUTINA; gingerbread coffin
oh, Lay her down in her gingerbread coffin
she's so pretty all layed out in white
lay her down in her gingerbread coffin
when we need her, she'll rise to the light...

we looked down at the ground and into her eyes
passed around an old teacup filled up with dead flies
surprise, surprise!
we brought but not used, a collection of knives
we'd remember this moment for all of our lives

CURSIVE; bloody murderer
"let go, let go, please let me be.
look at the ghost you've made of me."

dusk dropped her starry gown
i whispered out
"sweetie… are you here with me?"
the mirror crashed on the dresser
and she began to scream
"bloody murderer! let me rest in peace!
when i was yours you fled the scene.
now you can't wash your hands of me."

bloody murder
bloody murder
bloody murderer
you can't hear the screams
bloody murder

for this freedom
i have given all i had
for this darkness
i gave my light
for this wisdom
i have lost my innocence
take my petals
and cover me with the night

tell me no more stories
and i'll tell you no lies
no one wants to hurt me
but everybody tries
and if you think that i've been waiting
for my planets to align
it's time you go on
get your things, get up, get out, get out, get out
i'm doing fine, yeah yeah

( instrumental )

AKIRA YAMAOKA; lost carol
( instrumental )

JARBOE & KRIS FORCE; grandmother's tale
a woman had finished her baking
so she asked her daughter to take a fresh galette and a pot of cream
to her grandmother who lived in a forest cottage
the girl set off, and on her way she met a bzou -- a werewolf

the bzou stopped the girl and asked, "where are you going? what do you carry?"
"i’m going my grandmother’s house," said the girl, "and i’m bringing her bread and cream."
"which path will you take?" the bzou asked. "the path of needles or the Path of Pins?"
"i’ll take the Path of Pins," said the girl.
"why then, i’ll take the path of needles, and we’ll see who gets there first."


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