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FANMIX: No One Believes in Sin [Hannibal | Matt/Will]

Medium: Television.
Fandom: Hannibal.
Subject: A completely indulgent collections of songs that make me think about Will and Matthew's alternate universe
Title: No One Believes in Sin.
Warnings: Discussion of violence and... Well, the usual for Hannibal Fandom.
Notes: Cover credit. I hate myself. I am so sorry. This is a birthday gift and I am still hugely ashamed of myself. All I want is for Matt and Will to run away from Hannibal Lecter and adopt a million ugly dogs and kiss a lot. I've come to terms with that.

PLACEBO; kings of medicine
they're pickin' up pieces of me while they're pickin' up pieces of you
lying on ice you will be before the day is over
it's a case in point baby that you never thought it through
stupid me to believe that i could depend on stupid you

and on the tip of my tongue
were words that always came out all wrong
'cause they were drowned in the southern comfort
left to dry out in the sun, the noon day sun

don't leave me here to cast through time without a map or road sign
don't leave me here my guiding light
'cause i, i, wouldn't know where to begin, i asked the kings of medicine
but it seems that they've lost their powers, now all I'm left with is the hour

i come crawling back
through the cracks in your windows
i'm seeping into your skin
through the walls

grand delusions of petty criminals
if i'm not everything i'm nothing at all
so i watch and i wait and i pace
you gave me rope so i'm hanging around

WE ARE SCIENTISTS; this scene is dead
well everything's another excuse
to keep you doing what i want to
look, i would really love to kiss you
but i guess i'm in no condition
i'm not going home with no one

well go on, get gone
go on and get gone
go on, you can't go home
the night is young
i'm blacking out
but it's been fun

THAT HANDSOME DEVIL; loving parasite
maybe i just read you wrong
or maybe i've been dead too long
i led you on, you went along

time's a winding centipede
burrows in our memories
and that is all we'll ever be

i need a doctor or a priest or something
saunta claus, the easter bunny
i need a doctor or a priest or something
the police are coming

WHITE LIES; to lose my life
i said i've got no time, i have to go
and i was more right than now i'll ever know
he said my heart is faint, will minds regret
and left him crying next to the chapel's steps

let's grow old together
and die at the same time

let it out, let me in, take a hold of my hand
there's nothing like another soul that's been cut up the same
and did you wanna drive without a word inbetween?
I can understand, you need a minute to breathe
and to sew up the seams... after all this defeat

and we waited for sirens that never come
and we only write by the moon, every word handwritten
and to ease the loss of youth and the many, many years I missed you
pages plead forgiveness, every word handwritten

THE FRONT BOTTOMS; i swear to god the devil made me do it
i wanna make tear-jerking-shower-curtain-camera's-running genius
i wanna make them think they're seeing something they ain't never seen before
but i am full of shit, i'm a plagiarist
as a liar, i'm a ten
i just want this to mean something to anyone even if they don't know who i am
i am, i am, i am

HEZEKIAH JONES; mississippi sea
on the mississippi sea i got myself a vacation property
on the mississippi sea we could spend July there just you and me
we could spend july there just you and me

it's real quiet now no one has TV
we communicate with our minds we all have ESP
and we grow our own food we all know where it's been
everyone knows love no one believes in sin

GRIZZLY BEAR; service bell
i keep a service bell by my bed for you
let the others do what they do
i will hold on
hold on
hold on

i keep a service bell by my bed for you

DAN ROMER & BENH ZEITLIN; the survivors
( instrumental )