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FANMIX: Long Live the Queen [Homestuck / Snowman]

Medium: Webcomics.
Fandom: MSPA: Homestuck.
Subject: Snowman, the former Black Queen.
Title: Long Live the Queen.
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Another one that's been in the works for a long time. I should probably stop saying that, since that's all of them at this point. Credits to for the original gifset that inspired the cover.

ERIK SCHEELE ( HOMESTUCK ); three in the morning (pianokind)
( instrumental )

HARLEQUIN JONES; carve that crap
spent more time planning
my wake than my wedding
only to find that i won’t be attending
bride to be, hide and seek out for a future
resign me, the inevitable loser

we carried that same weight
a burden of past dues
lungs like lifesavers
the last thing to hold onto
but what keeps you up at nights
not something you can touch
i know what you’re not feeling,
fellow bankrupt

i was born on a common wheel
adorned with coarse clay
you’ve got to take what you’ve been given
and carve the crap away

GARBAGE; wicked ways
clutch your pictures of the Pope
pray to God for love and hope
bring the Virgin home for luck
bolt the door down, keep it shut

i've done things i never thought i'd do
sure it helps to lose myself in you
a little time and i'll be all right
c'mon sugar let's go out tonight
forgive your trespasses
and all that we've been through

EMILIE AUTUMN; dead is the new alive (manipulator mix)
dead is the new alive
a gothic play revival
the last act of the show
give in, give in, give in, give in
you play the game
you'll never win

so take me now or take me never
i won't wait
you're already late
so say goodbye or say forever
choose your fate
how else can we survive?
dead is the new alive

what is day without a blessed night?
and what is peace without a blessed fight?
what is the day without a blessed night?
and what is peace without a blessed, blessed, blessed fight?

a quick taste of the poison
a quick twist of the knife
when the obsession with death
the obsession with death becomes a way of life

JAKALOPE; pretty life (respirator mix)
you can close your eyes, but do you taste my breath?
hear my voice drowning you, feel my skin on your back
hey i see your falling, and on your knees your crawling back
back to me

i'm about to change your pretty mind
i'm about to change your pretty life
are you ready?
theres no stopping time

NANCY SINATRA; bang bang (white noise remix hq 2.0)
seasons came and changed the time
when I grew up, I called him mine
he would always laugh and say
remember when we used to play?

bang bang, i shot you down
bang bang, you hit the ground
bang bang, that awful sound
bang bang, i used to shoot you down.

this is forever but it won't last long
this is a memory that fades away in neverending
in the death of all
that's long been said and done before
we'll wish that we were something more

stop wasting time, boy
you're late all your life, boy
they won't have the patience
for someone like you
your memory's fading
i'll love you forever
i'll try to remember
i'll try to hold on

you're standing alone, boy
waiting for dreams, boy
waiting for something
to make them come true
don't ever leave, boy
i'd miss you too much, boy
i'll never forget you
as long as i'm here

MYTHICALWASHRAG; flare (music box)
( instrumental )

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Oh, this is great! I love your song choices - they fit Snowman really well. And I'm so glad you did something for Snowman! She's one of my favorites, and I wish there were more fanworks out there for her.