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FANMIX: Cheer Up, Emo Kid! [General]

Medium: Reality.
Fandom: Cheerup.
Subject: Cheering up??
Title: Cheer Up, Emo Kid!
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Figured I might as well put my cheerup playlist in some order and upload it for easy sharing. Not much to say! Cover image is by Minecraftgifs, and if you like it, take a look through the gallery! It's really lovely and calming. uvu

THE HUSH SOUND; where we went wrong
hey come back to me (ba ba da, ba ba ba)
baby, come back to me

we set the wrong course
and headed due north
that's where we went wrong
we were young and learning
steady hearts hate turning
that's where we went wrong

STARS; elevator love letter
i get too tired after midday, lately
i take it out on my good friends
but the worst stays in
oh where would i begin?

my office glows all night long
it's a nuclear show and the stars are gone
elevator, elevator
take me home

ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO; florence + the machine
but with all my education i can’t seem to command it
and the words are all escaping, and coming back all damaged
and i would put them back in poetry if i only knew how
i can’t seem to understand it

and i would give all this and heaven too
i would give it all if only for a moment
that i could just understand the meaning of the word you see

MIKE DOUGHTY; i hear the bells
you snooze, you lose, well i have snoozed and lost
i'm pushing through, i'll disregard the cost
i hear the bells, so fascinating and
i'll slug it out, i'm sick of waiting

and i can
hear the bells are
ringing joyful
and triumphant

JIMMY EAT WORLD; chase this light
confetti rainfall in a quiet streets
the beauty is in what you make it,
so get up on your feet

because tonight, the world turned in me,
because right now, i don't dare to breathe
oh, babe, i know, it's alive and somewhere for us to find,
tonight, oh chase this light with me
because tonight, the world turned in me
because right now, i don't dare to breathe
oh, babe, i know, it's alive and somewhere for us to find,
tonight, chase this light with me

IMA ROBOT; the beat
freeze frame in the heat, she moves
oh, and its close to shaking
so close but the crowd is breaking
on the dance floor

this is the beat, the beat we fight to
this is the beat we live and die to
heres to the kids that get it off
we work all week to sweat it off

this is the beat to beat the pressure
throwing away the world, with pleasure
we're working hard to sweat it off
so dj won't you turn it up

even if i lose my power
i'll get right back up
cause that's the power of love
something you don't have

Heaven can not wait for you

so close your eyes and make a wish
today's the day that i am fighting you
it's my turn to be
a champion

so shut your lies and count to three
i'll take you down and you'll be smithereens
it's my chance to be
a champion

KERLI; the creationist
this is an old and funny poem
i accidentally overheard
it keeps the little children playing
and bigger children spread the word
my memory is bad
so i always tend to forget how it goes but

life is my creation, is my best friend
imagination is my defense
and i'll keep walking when skies are gray
whatever happens was meant that way

M83; sitting
let's go!

CARTEL; wasted
eighteen couldn't wait to move out
it's been five years and now he's starting to doubt
whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
looking out to someplace that isn't there

when I'm thirty two will I be miserable
with everything around based on principle
well, I had a clue, wouldn't it be nice
to never be alone in this wasted life

we're wasted, no no no
we're all wasted

( from japanese )
changing things for a soul to live
recalling feeling so awkward
far away, but close yet I can't grasp it
this kind of colour you don't understand
the rainbow we saw slowly vanishes
it changes so quickly

repeating things for a soul to live
blank, crying without a reason
far away from a short light
a drop of water splashes back
the rainbow we want to see slowly vanishes
yet it does it so quickly

DAN ROMER & BEHN ZEITLIN; once, there was a hushpuppy
( instrumental )

CLOUD CULT; the arrival (there's so much energy in us)
the mission's over now, and my breath is running out
can't let go of it, can't let go of it.
i didn't mean what i said, i didn't mean what i said
i love you more than this, i love you more than this
the lights they fill the air, or were they always there?
i finally see it, i finally see it
and I heard the captain say, I heard the captain say,
"you're always close to it, so very close to it"
there's so much energy in us