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FANMIX: Such Shadows [Serenity Rose]

Medium: Comics.
Fandom: Serenity Rose.
Subject: Sera herself.
Title: Such Shadows.
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Some of these have been on my Crestfallen playlist for literal years, but I tidied it up and compiled the atmospheric ones that remind me of my favorite gloomy goth. This is one of those ones where I tried to pick artists that the subject would actually listen to, which mostly just meant that it was extraordinarily painful to choose only one Birthday Massacre song. Credit for the cover goes to Mooncalfe, since I've loved it since I saw it in the back of the book.

i'm so sorry
i'm so scared

JACK OFF JILL; witch hunt
i'm running out of air
heres a carnival in the graveyard tonight
with the clouds that fall with poison
and they fall on my skin making tiny holes
erasing my legacy
nothing hurts
nothing's right
i am nothing
turning to the left
i get on a ride
and the ride's dark

PORTISHEAD; undenied
now that i've found you
and seen behind those eyes
how can i carry on

for so bare is my heart
i can't hide
and so where does my heart

PATRICK WOLF; this weather
and time slows and slips away
the tourists come around in may
'till august when the clouds roll in
the pier cracks, the awnings fade
the ferris wheel spins slowly in the rain,
the day is gone.

under this weather
under this weather
such shadows are blossoming
out at sea

BERTINE ZETLITZ; death in her room
there's death in her room
where there used to be toys, yeah
enough to go 'round
for the girls, for the boys, yeah
there's death in her room
but it probably melts down to nothing

SUZANNE VEGA; tom's diner (dna remix)
and i'm trying not to notice
that she's hitching up her skirt

and while she's
straightening her stockings
her hair
has gotten wet

oh, this rain
it will continue
through the morning
as i'm listening

to the bells
of the cathedral

lately, nothing passes by me
and every hand is holding me down
and praise is just an unfamiliar sound to me

just close the door
(it's all coming back to me)
be still, my heart
('cause it's all coming back)

RASPUTINA; leechwife
you get the suckers to suck
to suck out what is bad
'cause this is science not luck
luck is not what you've had
but now you've brought yourself up
surprise your mom and dad
with this, your special skill
you will be improving your life
she'll make a leechwife

you don't need no new age crap
good sense is what it makes
you'll learn it in no time flat
one leech is all it takes
it sucks the blood till it's fat
it's found in ponds and lakes
the dried up skin then turns black
you can can be one of the fakes
the quacks and the riff-raff

CLOUD CULT; when the water comes to life
and underneath your ribs
they'll find a heart-shaped locket
an old photograph
of you in daddy's arms
and then they'll sew you closed
and give you back to the water
from where we're all born
from where we're all born

and you'll feed the ghosts
and you'll feed the living
you'll be a stranger, and you'll be a friend
you'll be the leper, and you'll be the healer
you'll be the hero, and the tragedy

RUDI ARAPAHOE; to gather flowers
( instrumental )


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