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FANMIX: i hate goodbyes / i forget you ( red vs blue )

Medium: Web media.
Fandom: Red VS. Blue.
Subject: Leonard Church & the Director, and then Alpha & Epsilon.
Title: I Hate Goodbyes / I Forget You
Warnings: Spoilers out the butt! For up until 10 at the very least, with references to seasons after.
Notes: This got way longer than i was intending and is pretty much intentionally handcrafted to make you cry. I've shipped this since 2007, I have a lot of fricking feelings about these two.

IMA ROBOT; i'm a bitch for you
take a reminder
remember the health
of all the things saving me
from killing myself
it's true, i'm a bitch for you

now tell me to go straight
or tell me to turn
or lead me to fire
and tell me to burn
oh, no, no
i'm a bitch for you
go, go, go
i'm a bitch for you
down on my knees
i'll be a bitch for you

you don't wanna know how i manage alone
oh, no, you don't wanna know
what goes on when i'm on my own
you don't wanna know how i plan on my own
oh, no, you don't wanna know
how i know when you're on your own

i'll never be alone, yeah
turn it on
you know i'd follow you to rome, yeah
turn it on

i know the places you call home, yeah
turn it on
you know i'll get you on your own, yeah
turn it on

i can't believe that you believe that i would fake it
wait! 'less you count the things i said when we were naked
run, run away from everything we'd ever hoped for
i can't believe that this is what people elope for

you throw your sticks and stones
throw your mobile phone
wind me up my dear
had it up to here
wind it up

OK GO; i want you so bad i can't breathe
and in the midnight quiet, outside the world away
we could have just one more night that you could stay
and in the light of morning for twentyone days straight
there you are beside me
and in the light of morning, for twentyone days straight
there you are beside me

BLINK-182; violence
i’d ask if you feel the same,
still pushing that chance to try
your breath in this cool room chill
long hair that blows side to side
you speak and make time stand still,
and each time, walk right on by

like violence you have me, forever, and after
like violence you kill me, forever and after

MIKE DOUGHTY; have at it
the princess rang the apostate on the courtesy phone
i saw your reflection in the bell of my horn
i intro'd with the denouement and segued to a pause
i read out the manual to wild applause

oh, if you won't let go, have at it
oh, if i can't say no, have at it

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM; national anthem
i never will forget you my american love
and i'll always remember you, wild as they come
and though if i saw you i'd pretend not to know
the place where you were in my heart is now closed
i already live with too many ghosts

now everybody lately is living up in space
flying through transmissions on invisible airwaves
with everything discovered just waiting to be known
what's left for god to teach from his thrown?
and who will forgive us when he's gone?

LUDO; i'll never be lonely again
on a hot kansas night
i pulled you in tight
and gave you the words i'd been holding
i gazed in your twinkling eyes
and kissed you for the first time
and i felt my life suddenly gain meaning

but since then many days
have pushed you away
if that star keeps consoling
i'll never be lonely

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS; love, love, love
love, love is going to lead you by the hand
into a white and soundless place
now we see things as in a mirror, dimly
then we shall see each other face to face

and way out in seattle, young kurt cobain
snuck out to the greenhouse, put a bullet in his brain
snakes in the grass beneath our feet, rain in the clouds above
some moments last forever, but some flare out with love, love, love

THE SMITHS; please, please, please, let me get what i want
good times for a change
see, the luck i've had
could make a good man
turn bad

so please please please
let me, let me, let me
let me get what i want
this time

SAY ANYTHING; baby girl, i'm a blur
you're with me all the time

no matter where i go or whore my mind
i'll always stumble home and pray i'll find
you with your flame-throw eyes and jilted smile
so you can soothe my wounds and drain my bile

TELEKINESIS; please ask for help
you're like a puzzle that can't be solved,
the missing pieces never fill the gaps
you got the salt and i got the wound,
but, all you gotta do is ask
and there's a glint in your eye, and a curl to your lip
and when you go to shut the door
and i can't see shit
and when you start i can't stop,
nothing for me to grip
and when i try to get away,
you always give me the slip

APOPTYGMA BERZERK; is electronic love to blame?
we've reaped the fruits of deception
opened the doors of perception
and burned down all the bridges
we came across

when will you be whole again
we've both been down that road
going nowhere
still you ask is love to blame

SMIJA; everybody wants to get lucky
there's a room where the light won't find you
holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
when they do I'll be right behind you
so glad we've almost made it
so sad they had to fade it
everybody wants to rule the world

SEBASTIEN TELLIER; la ritournelle
oh nothing's gonna change my love for you
i wanna spend my life with you
so we make love on the grass under the moon
no one call tell, damned if i do
forever journey on golden avenues
drift in your eyes since i love you
i got beat in my veins for only rule
love is to share, mine is for you

SPOON; the ghost of you lingers
just like a sailor with his wounds being salted
come on
i had a nightmare nothing could be put back together
would you settle the score?

if you were here
would you calm me down?

the ghost of you lingers
it lingers
and i always think about it

BOX CAR RACER; letters to god
let me go
i'm not done
i swear i'll take just one lifetime and i

i won't lie
i won't sin
maybe i don't wanna go
can't you wait
maybe i don't wanna go

THE FRONT BOTTOMS; twin size mattress
i wanna contribute to the chaos.
i don’t wanna watch and then complain
cause I am through finding blame
that is the decision that I have made

she hopes i’m cursed forever to
sleep on a twinsized mattress
in somebody’s attic or basement my whole life
never graduating up in size to add another
and my nightmares will have nightmares every night
oh, every night, every night

KEVIN DEVINE; go haunt someone else
there's me racing right along
the jukebox jester stuck on the same song
mouth full of lies a head full of holes

until i got worried
and saw the life i could lead
if i backed up off that road
and let the ground come to me
steady under my knees
let my anger burn into hope

CLAYHILL; please, please, please let me get what i want
haven't had a dream in a long time
see, the life i've had
can make a good man bad

so for once in my life
let me get what i want
lord knows it would be the first time
lord knows it would be the first time