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ICONS: 005

[153] BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA (Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, All Might)
[65] SKULLGIRLS (Beowulf, Filia, Cerebella, Annie, Painwheel)

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FANMIX: i hate goodbyes / i forget you ( red vs blue )

Medium: Web media.
Fandom: Red VS. Blue.
Subject: Leonard Church & the Director, and then Alpha & Epsilon.
Title: I Hate Goodbyes / I Forget You
Warnings: Spoilers out the butt! For up until 10 at the very least, with references to seasons after.
Notes: This got way longer than i was intending and is pretty much intentionally handcrafted to make you cry. I've shipped this since 2007, I have a lot of fricking feelings about these two.

ten songs for holding on, )

and ten for letting go. )

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Medium: Reality.
Fandom: General.
Subject: Sparring!! Fight scenes!!! GET THAT BLOOD PUMPING!!!!
Warnings: May potentially make you want to do a lot of uppers and set some government property on fire. I take no responsibility for anyone who follows through on this.
Notes: MY JOINTS FEEL LIKE SHIT BUT I'M SUPER HYPE AND WANNA GET MOVING AND STAY IN PRACTICE, SOMEBODY PUT THIS ON AND COME TRY TO BEAT ME UP!!! The downbeat interludes are a forced break -- remember to rest and hydrate!!

Also please remember that fight club rules are not actually how you ever want to spar. It's supposed to be like dancing, or highspeed tag, or a combination of both. Please never actually try to hurt your sparring partners.

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FANMIX: Such Shadows [Serenity Rose]

Medium: Comics.
Fandom: Serenity Rose.
Subject: Sera herself.
Title: Such Shadows.
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Some of these have been on my Crestfallen playlist for literal years, but I tidied it up and compiled the atmospheric ones that remind me of my favorite gloomy goth. This is one of those ones where I tried to pick artists that the subject would actually listen to, which mostly just meant that it was extraordinarily painful to choose only one Birthday Massacre song. Credit for the cover goes to Mooncalfe, since I've loved it since I saw it in the back of the book.

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FANMIX: Cheer Up, Emo Kid! [General]

Medium: Reality.
Fandom: Cheerup.
Subject: Cheering up??
Title: Cheer Up, Emo Kid!
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Figured I might as well put my cheerup playlist in some order and upload it for easy sharing. Not much to say! Cover image is by Minecraftgifs, and if you like it, take a look through the gallery! It's really lovely and calming. uvu


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FANMIX: Long Live the Queen [Homestuck / Snowman]

Medium: Webcomics.
Fandom: MSPA: Homestuck.
Subject: Snowman, the former Black Queen.
Title: Long Live the Queen.
Warnings: Not really.
Notes: Another one that's been in the works for a long time. I should probably stop saying that, since that's all of them at this point. Credits to for the original gifset that inspired the cover.

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FANMIX: Letters to the Empress [Original | Turncoat/Empress]

Medium: Original.
Fandom: Fear Itself.
Subject: Turncoat/Empress.
Title: Letters to the Empress.
Warnings: Romantization of hugely unhealthy behaviours (so what else is new??).
Notes: The credit for the original photo was unfortunately lost to the mists of tumblr, and reverse searching did me no good, so do let me know if you've got the artist! This was ALSO supposed to be a birthday gift for Archie, but I took way too long, so... Now it's just a random gifto I s'pose. Also I'll probably update it with Empress' side of the equation, but for now, it's all Coat feelings all the time.

Also, I've changed my 8tracks username, so until I have time to edit all the archival posts in here, just change the url from birdslut to expletives in order to follow links!!

ten tracks of coat being a lovesick fool. )

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FANMIX: No One Believes in Sin [Hannibal | Matt/Will]

Medium: Television.
Fandom: Hannibal.
Subject: A completely indulgent collections of songs that make me think about Will and Matthew's alternate universe
Title: No One Believes in Sin.
Warnings: Discussion of violence and... Well, the usual for Hannibal Fandom.
Notes: Cover credit. I hate myself. I am so sorry. This is a birthday gift and I am still hugely ashamed of myself. All I want is for Matt and Will to run away from Hannibal Lecter and adopt a million ugly dogs and kiss a lot. I've come to terms with that.

ten tracks of serial killers in love )

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FANMIX: Path of Pins [The Path | The Red Girls]

Medium: Video Games.
Fandom: The Path.
Subject: The red girls.
Title: Path of Pins.
Warnings: Major warning for rape, since that's a major theme of both the original fairy tale and this interpretation. If you want to listen and just skip those, they're #4 (by Current 93, explicit lyrical mention) and #9 (by String Quartet, instrumental track but the title is about assault). Also, the last track is one of the OST tracks that I thought was just really essential, but since it's a very faithful retelling of the original fairy tale, it gets real creepy real fast. Other than that, I guess just a warning for general unsettling... ness?? I feel like I should have a warning anytime I use Nox Arcana. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: Originally I was going to try and do a song for each of the girls, but then I realized that everything I had gathered already was really more geared towards a collective mix about what they share. So this is mostly atmospheric and just "songs that remind me of the cast of The Path", but I actually really like how the tone came out, so I figured why not share. Mostly instrumental, almost entirely creepy, this is my longsimmered mix for the red girls and their fates.

ten tracks about little girls. )

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FANMIX: Just for the Dream of it [Misc | Personal]

Medium: Real life.
Fandom: Reality??
Subject: Personal playlist since the last one.
Title: Head Full of Operas.
Warnings: Musical mentions of substance abuse and suicidal ideation, but I think that's all. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: A few years ago I did a personal fanmix, ostensibly as a review of the past year, to be updated in the future. Welp, now it's the future, and I've put it off long enough. This is to cover the time since that last one. Cover credit is here.

ten tracks about being an idiot. )

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FANMIX: Verses Versus Verses [Misc | Mashups]

Medium: N/A.
Fandom: Genre.
Subject: Mashups.
Title: Verses Versus Verses (3VS).
Warnings: Nope.
Notes: There's not really much point in doing the usual lyrics guide, and I managed to try transcribing all the artists included for all of about ten minutes before the sheer scope of such a task crushed me. So this is just a track listening! Most of these mixers have homepages you can sniff around if you're dying to know which songs are stitched together outta what!

13 tracks of mashed goodness. )

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FANMIX: Like in the Movies [Original | Nate/Coat]

Medium: Who even knows.
Fandom: Original bullshit.
Subject: A totally relatable playlist about being in love with your best friend, even if your best friend is dating someone, and that someone happens to literally be their fated lover, and also haunted.
Title: Like in the Movies.
Warnings: No one cares about original bullshit yeah okay I know shut the hell up, it's my anniversary week. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: The first half is from Nate's pov, the second is from Coat's and also sort of a little bit later, and therefore will moooostly only make sense to Archie, especially with the later songs. Whatever, that was sorta the point. Credit for the cover assets go to Amiki222, Hibbary, and me.

ten for nate / interlude / ten for coat / fade out )

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FANMIX: Brave As a Noun [Hannibal | Will Graham]

Medium: Television.
Fandom: Hannibal.
Subject: Will Graham and his special boy brain.
Title: Brave as a Noun.
Warnings: The usual in regards to my musical tastes. And as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: This mix was really weird for me because usually I try to use genres the character would actually enjoy, but I can never shake the headcanon that will just listens to bland gushy mom music. So this is more genres that remind me of Will, since I couldn't bring myself to put Coldplay on here.

Ten tracks about sad hot fisherman grandpa. )

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ICONS: 039

I really wanted just some simple, matching icons for roleplaying, and I figured maybe somebody else would too! And then before I knew it, I was iconning the entire Dangan Ronpa cast. I'm working through them slowly, but if anyone has a particular character in mind, leave a request and I'll try to bump them up on priority! ♥ Also these are completely out of order and I can't be arsed to care anymore, let's all just blame photobucket and carry on with our lives. Okay? Okay.

This post is spoiler-free. Others will not be.

80: Dangan Ronpa ( asahina, maizono, fukawa, oogami, and enoshima )

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ICONS: 004

[90] MOTORCITY (Kaia, Mike, Julie, Chuck, Dutch, Texas, The Duke)

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ICONS: 003

[50] MOTORCITY (Chuck, Mike, Julie, Dutch, Texas)
[40] SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED (MASSIVE SPOILERS for the game! Garcia, Paula)

90 total! )
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ICONS: 038

Ugh wow I love this game like really unreasonable amounts?? So I had to icon all the character sprites. I had no choice. I think I got all the expressions without any doubles (though the poses and cropping get a little samey, there's only so much I can do), but if I missed anything, please let me know!

50: Juniper's Knot (SPOILERS for the game)

50 total! )
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ICONS: 037

Okay, bear with us for a bit, here. What with the move from LJ, and also my vastly different schedule, things are probably going to look a little different around here. If things aren't as anal retentively samey for the next few posts, it's just because I'm trying things out and seeing what works. Being a stickler can be really exhausting!

So, all that to say, here's a Wakfu-only post (whaaaaat, not three different fandoms?)! The quality varies a little, but given that the lighting does too, I'm relatively pleased with them. Enjoy, given that they're only the first of many, oh my god I love this series so fucking much hrnrngfg.

100: Wakfu (SPOILERS for Season 2)

100 total! )
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ICONS: 036

Long time no post! I didn't do a lot of iconning over the summer, but here we are again. Here's the next batch of the Kung Fu Panda, a smattering of The Path girls, and way too many Portal 2 icons of the co-op bots. I think I may have a problem. Also tried my hand at Plurk dimensions on some Portal material, so there's a few of those. Let me know what you think!

[40] Kung Fu Panda
[15] The Path
[40] Portal +9 Plurk icons

95+9 Total! )