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Medium: Original.
Fandom: Fear Itself.
Subject: Turncoat/Empress.
Title: Letters to the Empress.
Warnings: Romantization of hugely unhealthy behaviours (so what else is new??).
Notes: The credit for the original photo was unfortunately lost to the mists of tumblr, and reverse searching did me no good, so do let me know if you've got the artist! This was ALSO supposed to be a birthday gift for Archie, but I took way too long, so... Now it's just a random gifto I s'pose. Also I'll probably update it with Empress' side of the equation, but for now, it's all Coat feelings all the time.

Also, I've changed my 8tracks username, so until I have time to edit all the archival posts in here, just change the url from birdslut to expletives in order to follow links!!

ten tracks of coat being a lovesick fool. )

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Medium: Who even knows.
Fandom: Original bullshit.
Subject: A totally relatable playlist about being in love with your best friend, even if your best friend is dating someone, and that someone happens to literally be their fated lover, and also haunted.
Title: Like in the Movies.
Warnings: No one cares about original bullshit yeah okay I know shut the hell up, it's my anniversary week. Also, as usual, this will be locked to the community after about a month!
Notes: The first half is from Nate's pov, the second is from Coat's and also sort of a little bit later, and therefore will moooostly only make sense to Archie, especially with the later songs. Whatever, that was sorta the point. Credit for the cover assets go to Amiki222, Hibbary, and me.

ten for nate / interlude / ten for coat / fade out )


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