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FIC: Playing Co-Op [Lucky Star]

Title: Playing Co-Op
Fandom: Lucky Star
Rating: PG, with very very vague references to the sexings.
Genre: Romance (fluff)
Summary: Fifty one-sentence looks at Konata and Kagami's (oh so slowly) budding relationship.
Warnings: See Rating.
Pairings/Characters: Konata/Kagami. Lots of it.
Author's Note: [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence challenge table; theme set Beta. Done in absolutely no order and therefore the time period is absolutely all over the place. It's supposed to be more of a look at their interactions and daily lives than anything that makes sense, anyway.
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, okay?

#01 - Walking
Kagami fidgeted as she asked her friend to walk with her, knowing that despite getting to spend more time together, Konata's laziness meant that she'd rather take the train.

#02 - Waltz
"But I don't need to know how to dance!" Whined Konata as she was pulled onto carpeted floor to learn the complexities of ballroom, not bedroom, dancing.

#03 - Wishes
Tsukasa eventually broke down and told her why Kagami had been avoiding her; it had something to do with a dream and a wish made - and granted.

#04 - Wonder
She was spending far too much time lately wondering what went on in Konata's odd little head.

#05 - Worry
Kagami worried about Konata all the time - about her study habits, her obsessions and hobbies, about her safety, but most of all she worried that Konata would figure out how she felt.

#06 - Whimsy
"One day," Kagami said with a deadpan but amused expression, "I'd like to see that crazy world you live in."

#07 - Waste/Wasteland
"Come on, Kagamin. You wouldn't want this expensive wine to go to waste, would you?"

#08 - Whiskey and rum
"I don't know..." Kagami mused, "I've never had alcohol before..."; Konata just grinned.

#09 - War
Poor Minoru had no idea what trying to flirt with Kagami was a declaration of war in Konata's books.

#10 - Weddings
"So, who gets to wear the dress?" Konata cooed, taking great satisfaction in Kagami's shocked expression.

#11 - Birthday
"Are you ready for your birthday present?" She whispers into Kagami's ear, and is rewarded with a shiver.

#12 - Blessing
Konata knew that they'd have her father's blessing at least, even if it was for some odd and fanboyish reasons.

#13 - Bias
"Kagamin would look much better in that cosplay." She says out of the blue at a convention, and Kagami looks at the costume with appraisal in her eyes; it's not like Konata is biased, or anything.

#14 - Burning
Despite her protests, she loved waking up to "Kagamin's breath smells like cinnamon and pepper; I bet it's because she can breathe fire."

#15 - Breathing
Konata decided early on that the best thing about a queen sized bed was falling asleep next to Kagamin - all tangled limbs and cold feet and calm, content breathing as they both drifted off.

#16 - Breaking
Kagami was really the only person that could get away with breaking one of Konata's figurines and be forgiven in exchange for a kiss.

#17 - Belief
Everyone knew that Konata worshipped the gods of anime, but when nobody was looking she sent up prayers to any deity who'd hear that Kagami would stop being so freaking oblivious.

#18 - Balloon
All the latest figurines, a set of DVDs, and a two-foot stack of manga, and Konata's favourite birthday present this year was a bright red balloon given to her by a certain pigtailed friend.

#19 - Balcony
She would have put up more of a fight when cast as Romeo - after all, it wasn't dignified - but her Juliet would have just giggled and called her 'tsundere' from her perch on the cardboard set.

#20 - Bane
Those class assignments put up at the beginning of each year, the ones that separated her from her Kagamin for practically the entire day, were really starting to be the bane of her existence.

#21 - Quiet
Kagami raised an eyebrow suspiciously, mumbling about how nothing good ever came of Konata being quiet.

#22 - Quirks
Living with Konata was certainly adventurous - Kagami had started a journal to keep track of all her lover's strange little habits.

#23 - Question
No matter how hard she tried, each time Kagami thought she had enough courage to come out and ask, she had to veer away at the last second with some pitiful excuse to cover her tail.

#24 - Quarrel
The couple's fights tended to be pretty one-sided, which just aggravated her more; but she couldn't stay mad at Konata for too long anyway.

#25 - Quitting
"This is real life! You can't save before you quit!" she snarled, trying not to notice that this was the most distraught she'd ever seen Konata.

#26 - Jump
Listening to Konata's rambling was exhaustive, but entertaining; nobody could jump around topics quite the way she could.

#27 - Jester
"I'm just here to make Kagamin laugh!" She said with a carefree grin and the silent hope that Kagami would finally realize how true it was.

#28 - Jousting
The two girls arguing in the middle of the classroom were a common sight to all, even if they way they butted heads wasn't like other couples.

#29 - Jewel
She'd half expected the ring to be made of plastic, but Konata had surprised her yet again with the real deal - sparkly little gemstone and all.

#30 - Just
Kagami just smiled and held the figurine above Konata's head, listening to the other girl's whimpers about how unfair it all was.

#31 - Smirk
She'd gotten to know that facial expression well; On Konata, it mean 'run'.

#32 - Sorrow
Konata preferred not to be alone when she felt down - because of how much time she had spent acting, when she was around Kagami at least she could look happy.

#33 - Stupidity
As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them, wanting nothing more than to bolt; she should have known her stupidity would ruin everything.

#34 - Serenade
Konata's smile was strained, but genuine - she appreciated the thought, it was just that Kagami really couldn't sing...

#35 - Sarcasm
She tried not to bait Kagami so much, she really did; it was just that the scathing replies were the best part of her day.

#36 - Sordid
Rumours flew around the dorms faster than a flu, but if Konata wasn't letting it get to her then Kagami certainly wasn't going to give in to gossip.

#37 - Soliloquy
'This has got to be the stupidest way anybody's ever confessed...' Was her main thought as Konata came out from her hiding spot, too ecstatic to chide Kagami for talking out loud.

#38 - Sojourn
After negotiations and pleadings, Kagami ended up staying at Konata's house for four nights longer than she had originally intended.

#39 - Share
She whimpered and nuzzled her head against the taller girl, mumbling about how she shouldn't have to share her Kagamin.

#40 - Solitary
She tried not to be jealous of Konata's 'wife'; if nothing else, the argument taught her not to make fun of Konata for having so few 'real world' friends.

#41 - Nowhere
It hadn't been the answer she expected, 'nowhere'... But then Konata's smile got wider and she fairly purred 'that doesn't have Kagamin.'

#42 - Neutral
As bystanders, the rest of the group was fairly boring: Tsukasa tried her hardest to remain neutral and uninvolved, and Miyuki just didn't know what was going on.

#43 - Nuance
She was so far past the point of being subtle that if Kagami still wasn't getting it through her stubborn head, Konata would have to give her lessons in delicacy.

#44 - Near
It was hard to judge her distance with Kagami; too far and the distance started to make her chest hurt, too close and the body heat was just a painful reminder of what she couldn't have.

#45 - Natural
"It's only natural that I share a bed with Kagamin!" was not a phrase to start off a stress-free field trip.

#46 - Horizon
The feeling of a storm building up had suddenly vanished, the horizon clearing as soon as Konata had leapt into her arms.

#47 - Valiant
She didn't have the heart to tell Konata that there was no need to try and be polite; she had loved her despite or perhaps due to her lack of manners.

#48 - Virtuous
Kagami protested, but Konata insisted on walking her home in order to 'Protect Her Virtue'.

#49 - Victory
"I got Kagamin," She purred, nestled between neck and shoulder, "That means I won."

#50 - Defeat
"Oh, and if you won, that means I lost, right?" - but Konata just shook her head and give Kagami another kiss - "We were playing co-op, silly."